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Tactical Firearms Training

Incorporated: 2002

Jack Perritt, the cofounder and Executive Director of Strike International, formed the company twelve years ago and incorporated in 2002. The company has now trained officers from over thirty different law enforcement agencies as well as several US Army Military Police Units who deployed to operational theaters in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jack understands the required commitment for excellence in standards and holds not only himself, but also his students to that same level of commitment. It is more than just weapon skills and tactics. It is about combining combat mindset with one’s warrior heart, and that ideology is ingrained in every school taught. Jack brings real-world operational training to the courses taught by combining his military combat time with his many years as a law enforcement officer.

Jack spent six years in the United States Marine Corps, with two combat tours in Vietnam, serving with 2nd Battalion 4th Marines and then with CAP Team-332, 3rd Marine Amphibious Force as a military advisor for South Vietnamese forces. Service time included courses in weapons, combat tactics, counter insurgency, and attending the Marine NCO leadership course.

His service career continued with thirty honorable years with the Dallas Police Department before retiring in 2005. During his tenure with Dallas, Jack spent the largest part of his time in Narcotic operations and in firearms training. He has run countless high risk narcotic search warrants as well as buy-bust operations, and also conducted the tactical firearms training for the Narcotic Division. While in narcotics he attended numerous tactical training schools for high risk narcotic operations. After serving in Narcotics, Jack went fulltime as an instructor and armorer to the Firearms Training Center. At the FTC he again attended several advance weapon courses as well as armorer courses, and helped to develop, update, and implement new training programs.

He has authored articles both for the Dallas Police Department and as Executive Director for Strike International on tactical training issues, combat mindset, and also writes the monthly featured Strike Report. Jack has also been asked by various agencies to consult with them in the implementation of new training programs. He is a man who believes strongly in the concept of Servant Leadership, mission focus, and team success.

EDUCATION:  1973 - Associate of Arts Degree from Tyler Jr, College

1976 – Bachelor of Science Degree from Abilene Christian University

PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS:  IALEFI, NRA, Texas Narcotic Officers Association, National Tactical Officers Association, National Military Intelligence Assoc., Member No. 6741 with IACSP - International Association for Counterterrorism and Security Professionals

AWARDS: As an officer, Jack has received numerous departmental awards and commendations. In 1986 he was selected “Officer of the Year” by the Greater Dallas Crime Commission and in 1996 he was runner up for “Cop’s Cop” of the year.

As Executive Director of Strike International, he again has received numerous commendations and awards from both LE officers, agency Chiefs, and military personnel on the training provided by Strike International.

With regards to the company and the training, he states, “My greatest fear is failing those I teach, failing those on my team, failing God and my family. I am cognizant of the fact that any failure on my part in what I do…could cost someone their life! That is a failure I cannot abide. I have been so fortunate to have been exposed to so many solid professionals and real world operational warriors in my life. Their influence on me has made me a better instructor and I owe them everything.”

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